The Future of Texting

Sly Messenger gives you more control over your messages and pictures before and after you send them.

  • Dotted messages

    Some messages are hidden for privacy. Drag your finger across the dots to reveal it

  • Timed messages

    Use our bomb feature to make your message disappear in 8 seconds.

  • Screenshot-Proof

    Senders will be notified when someone tries to screenshot a message

Simple. Fun. Safe messaging

Private conversations allow you to share secrets and hidden photos worry free. Sly is now available on the App Store

Control your messages before and after you send them. Chat with your friends and family now!

New Features

Share photos with your family and friends. Photos that won't be shared with the rest of the world. Send messages that will be gone in an instant. Drag your finger over dots to reveal the hidden message below.

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